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Services Provided By Steve Baker

We strictly practice Catch & Release. The only fish we will take are trophy fish to mount.

Steve absolutely loves seeing his customers make that catch that they have always dreamed of. When with Steve, it is not uncommon to catch a 50 + lb striper that would look great on that den wall.

Steve accesses several lakes including Norris, Cherokee, Chickamauga, Watts Bar and the entire system of the Tennessee River.

When Is The Best Time To Fish:

Steve has caught 30lbs + stripers in all seasons by changing lakes and methods with precise timing. Fishing is good all year. Steve will help you make the necessary adjustments for the weather and climate in order to catch that perfect size fish.

Mid December, January, February and early March

The water temperatures in all lakes are below 50 degrees. Steve fishes small live bait and Bucktails this time of year. Steve's home is located near two steam plants which can produce monster fish if you can stand the cold. The size of the winter fish are consistent in the 30lb + range.

Late March, April and May

Early Spring fishing can be fantastic. It all begins in accordance with weather conditions in the early parts of the spring months. With the warming waters in March, big Stripers begin feeding on larger bait fish. Top water action picks up in mid-April and runs into May or early June. All sizes of fish can be caught in spring months.

June, July and Early August

Live bait is the ticket to big fish in the summer. The fish are deep and the big fish are the easiest way to put a wall hanger in your den.

Late August, September and October

River fishing is most productive during the dog days of summer. Currents enhance cooler water temperatures and more oxygen that draws huge numbers of fish during this period. 40-60 fish a day is common. Fish run from 30 - 50 pounds.

November and Early December

This is good fall fishing. As the lakes cool off the big fish now move up into the shallows and can be caught on live bait and top water

After you make your reservations, the next step is to wait for your appointed time, show up, and let Steve do the rest. Steve's services are not on a time clock. The morning starts around 5 a.m. and usually runs for 9 to 10 hours in the afternoon. Sometimes you will eat lunch on the boat or break for lunch at a local restaurant. Hours may vary due to driving time and fish feeding patterns.

You'll find the following factors are consistent with each tour provided by Steve Baker:

  • Quality tackle, rods, reels, & bait
  • Clean well maintained boats
  • Experienced, licensed, bonded & insured full time guide
  • Prepare trophy fish for taxidermist
  • Enjoyment, education and safety

Phone: (865) 742-3329


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